Selected Publications

Different hypotheses have been proposed in life course epidemiology on how a time-varying exposure can affect health or disease later in life. Researchers are often interested in investigating the probability of these hypotheses based on observed life course data. However, current techniques based on model/variable selection do not provide a direct estimate of this probability. We propose an alternative technique for a continuous exposure, using a Bayesian approach that has specific advantages, to investigate which life course hypotheses are supported by the observed data.
International Journal of Epidemiology, 2018

Recent Publications

. A Bayesian approach to investigate life course hypotheses involving continuous exposures. International Journal of Epidemiology, 2018.


. Efficacy of Metformin in the management of periodontitis: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal, 2018.


. Tuibur tobacco in a bottle commercial production of tobacco smoke aqueous concentrate in Mizoram Northeast India. Addiction, 2018.


. Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors and risk of osteoporotic fractures: nested case-control study. Osteoporosis International, 2017.


COVID-19 incidence rates among Canadian dentists as they return to work: a cohort study

The purpose of the study is to estimate the incidence rate of COVID-19 among dentists and its risk associated with the use of aerosol-generating procedures (AGP) and N95 masks, through the phased reopening of dental care services across different jurisdictions in Canada.

Betel quid chewing and risk of oral cancer

Investigating how the habit of betel quid chewing transfers from parents to children in India

Life course behavioral risk factors of head and neck cancers: A Bayesian approach

Identifying life periods during which tobacco habits have the strongest impact on the lifetime risk of HNC

Viral risk factors of HNC

Investigating risk associated with oral human papillomavirus infection


  • DENT 680: Linear and Logistic Regression for Health Science, McGill University - Winters 2015, ‘16, ‘17, ‘18
  • Summer Institute in Life course research 2017, ‘18, McGill University
  • Cancer Epidemiology workshop - University of Mizoram
  • Summer Institute in life course approach to oral health research 2016, University of British Columbia
  • Summer Institute in Applied Mixed Methods 2016, McGill University